Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Science 10:  Year End Biology Review assignment, due Friday.  We spent some time reviewing Meiosis, and Mitosis together.  In the second half we read 13.5 about Galaxies and did the Galaxies WS.  Be sure to look outside for Andromeda tonight, if the skies are clear.

Chemistry 12:  We did Lab 21C, and you will be given more time on Friday.  Everyone was given an old final exam to try, and those rewriting the Acid Base Unit Test on Friday during class can use the Acid base sections (MC # 23-37 and WR # 6b - 10) for review practice problems.  See me when you need an answer key.  I did not get to look at your work from Tuesday (U5 # 24, 1 acidic, 1 basic, and 1 disproportionation reaction)

Tuesday, June 5

Science 10:  Today I collected the Magnetism Lab and pg 424.  We wrote notes on "The Death of Stars" and read section 13.4  We started pg 436 # 1,2,4-12,14,16,19 in sentences, but this is not due next class.  5 Stars that I want you to know about are the Sun, Polaris, Betelgeuse, Sirius, and Alpha Centauri.  Spend some time on Year End Review, preparing for your favorite final exam, whichever that is.

Chemistry 11:  Organic WS # 3:  Cyclic Alkanes (due Thursday).  Today we wrote a quiz on branched alkanes.

Chemistry 12:  U5 # 24 (in addition to last day's 4 acidic and 4 basic practice problems, do one additional acidic, one basic, and one disproportionation balancing problem from #24).  We took notes on Electrochemical Cells, and we read 5.8 after finishing a mini-review.

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