Friday, May 17, 2019

Careers 9:  We started with a little review of Soft Skills and Post Secondary education options.  Once in the library, we worked on our Resumes, trying to make them error free with the help of our partner.  A complete, error free resume, done on myBlueprint or  uploaded to "my Documents" in myBlueprint is due by Friday, May 24th.   The last item was a booklet on Time Management.

Chemistry 11:  After handing in the Concentration of Ions WS, we learned about Formula Equations, Complete Ionic Equations, and Net Ionic Equations in the context of precipitation reactions.  In Science 10 we called them double replacement reactions.  We finished off with a demonstration of  Conductivity, which depends on the presence of free ions.

Chemistry 12:  We started with Notes on Electrochemistry, followed by time to work on the Acid Base Test review.  One more set of practice problems was given out, but this is optional.  On Tuesday we will do the Acid Base Unit Test, and you will be using a fresh data booklet (be sure to have memorized how to find pH, [H3O+], pOH, [OH-], pKw = pH + pOH).

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Careers 9:  After a short session on "business speak", we will head up to the library.  

1) Tell me a bit about yourself
2) What are your strengths and weaknesses
3) What extra-curriculars are you involved with?  What do you do with your spare time?
4) What are you favourite school subjects and why
5)  Why should I hire you for this job?

In the Library, create a resume and print your resume.  Use myBlueprint if you want, or construct it on word.   Spend 10 minutes reading examples of resumes on the web - search for :high school student resume" and use the strong wording on these examples to help you with your own resume.

Print it when you are done, and with a partner exchange resumes and find errors or formatting mistakes in each other's work.  Fix them, reprint, and bring them to Mr. Gale.  A resume cannot have any errors.

Get the next Upskills booklet from me if your resume is perfect.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Chemistry 12:  We started with a minireview of Buffers, then we took notes on Metal and Non-Metal Oxides.  After high fiving our partner for finishing the Acid Base unit, we read 4.21 and did the Acid Base Practice Test.  In the last 15 minutes we started the electrochemistry Unit by making an electrochemical cell that can produce 0.85 V.  Test on Tuesday.  Sort out your problems by Friday - I will be away on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Chemistry 11:  After going over the green WS on the Solubility of NaCl, we reviewed the shapes and bond angles in some molecular compounds.  We learned how to write dissolving reactions, and we also learned how to find the concentration of each ion in solutions.  The WS called "The Concentration of Ions in Solution " is due on Friday.  In the second half, we wrote the TRU Chemistry 11 contest. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Careers 9:  We started off with a little review on Presentation.  We reviewed "do's" and "don'ts" of casual business conversation, which is similar to how you interact with adults at RSS.  Peer interactions are different.  Time was spent completing 3 Up-skills booklets (Intro, Motivation, Presentation), and we discussed ways of overcoming barriers to good presentation.  We considered our responses to 5 interview questions, and we practiced interviewing with a partner.  Acting is always a component of interviews, whether they are in practice with a friend, or with a real business owner.

Chemistry 11:  We labelled the molecule drawings with the geometry name (tetrahedral, bent, planar, linear, or trigonal pyramidal) and we showed several bond angles (109.5, 120 or 180).  We spent time completing the green Solubility Lab, which is due Wednesday.  At the end, we labelled our Lab 12B molecules as either Polar or Non-Polar.  Tomorrow we will do the TRU Chemistry contest, instead of a Unit Test on Atomic Theory.  The Atomic Theory Practice test is not due Wednesday.

Chemistry 12:  Acid Base Test next Tuesday.  Due Wednesday is Unit 4 # 131-134, 136, 139.  We have 4 mini-reviews on the go:  4.11, Hydrolysis, Acids and Bases, Indicators.  Complete these and check the answers on the side counter.  Work hard!  We are in the final stretch:)

Friday, May 10, 2019

Career Education 9:  We started off with a short review of soft skills (TAMPA CATS), followed by a discussion on Presentation.  How do you present yourself?  We compared the presentation of the individuals in this picture.  We read/completed an Upskills Presentation work booklet, and spent time finishing the Introduction/Accountability and the Motivation booklets.  In the second half, we prepared ourselves for updating/creating our resumes.  We counted verbs on sample resumes, then we looked at how to find verbs that describe our tasks at work or volunteer gigs.  We finished by logging onto myBlueprint and creating a resume.  If you already have a resume, update it and upload it into myBlueprint.

Chemistry 12:  We took notes on titration curves, then read pg 164-168.  U4 # 125 is due Tuesday.  We spent time on review after this:  Hydrolysis Mini Review WS, Mini Review of Acids and Bases WS, and Minireview of 4.11 WS.  The Acids and Bases Unit Test will be on Tuesday, May 21.   Last was a quiz on Kb.

Chemistry 11:  We started by reviewing the Lewis Dot Structures.  A short lesson on Solutions, followed by a lab to find the concentration of a saturated salt solution.  We completed Lab 12B, started an atomic Theory Practice test, and did a quiz on Lewis Dot Structures.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Chemistry 11:  Today I collected Unit 8 # 62 - 67.  We took notes on Covalent Bonding, read pg 176 - 179, and did U8 # 69-72.  We made a homemade WS, and practiced making Lewis dot structures for Covalent compounds and polyatomic ions, which are contain covalent bonds within.  Click here for the homemade WS.  Lab 12B Procedure 1,2,4 was started, but more time will given on Friday for this.  A take home mini quiz was given at the very end.  Due Friday is the mini quiz, Lewis dot sheet, and # 69-72.

Chemistry 12:  We started with Kb Calculations:  Unit 4 # 84-88 and 80.  Then we did Mini Review 4.1 - 4.15 (click here for this).  In the second half we read U4.17, and did U4 # 108-118.  We finished with a quiz on Ka calculations.

84.  0.024 M SO32-
85.  0.0019 M OH-, pH 11.28, pOH 2.72,  5.3 x 10-12 M H+
86.  0.059 M N2H4
87.  Kb = 1.04 x 10-3
88. pH 11.50
66.  0.929 g LiOH
80.  Ka = 2.06 x 10-10

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Chemistry 12:  Unit 4 # 74 - 79 due Thursday.  Lab 20G due Thursday.

Ka Calculations Answer Key

74.  [H+] = 6.7 x 10-5

75.  pH 6.16

76.  [HCOOH] = .78 M

77.  Ka = 9.38 x 10-3

78.  [H2CO3]  = 0.010 M

79.  pH 4.89

80.  Ka = 2.06 x 10-10

Chemistry 11:  Today started with review of atomic radius, then we took notes on Ionic Bonding, then we read pg 171 - 176.  Unit 8 # 62-67 is due Thursday.  Lab 11A Part III is not due Thursday.

Monday, May 6

Chemistry 11:  Unit 8 # 31-39 was collected.  Read pg 170-175 and do Unit 8 # 53-55, 57-61

Chemistry 12:  Unit 4 # 69 was collected.  Finish Lab 20G (all parts to do with Part I to Part IV, plus a fine conclusion).  Finish Lab 20H Part I.  Unit 4 # 70 due Tuesday.  Quiz on Hydrolysis.

Friday, May 3

Chemistry 11: Unit 8 # 13-20, 22-27 was collected.  Watch Mendeleev's Business Card on Youtube.  Read section 8.2 and do Unit 3 # 31-39.  There was a homework Quiz today on Unit 8 # 13-20, 22-27.

Chemistry 12:  Read 4,13 about Hydrolysis.  Do # 69 (Acidic -   f,i,j ;  Basic - a,b,d,g ; Neutral - c,e,h).  Finish Lab 20G due Thursday.  Quiz like pg 69.

Thursday, May 2

Chemistry 12:  Quiz on pH, read 4.16 and do 94,95,97,100, 102,104.  Lab 20G.  Minireview 4.11 WS.

Chemistry 11:  The Lab 11A Graphs were collected today.  Read p 144-156.  Do Unit 8 # 13-20, 22-27 which is due Friday.  Start Lab 11A part III if you are done.