Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday, June 5th

Read 17.4 from a hand out, and do pg 508 # 1-6, 8,10,12,13 in fine sentences.  Today we took notes on the Theory of Plate Tectonics.

Friday, June 2nd

Read section 11.1 (pg 402 to 407).  Do activity 11-1 on pg 403.

Thursday, June 1st

Today we spent time on Lab 13E, and this is due on Friday, June 2nd.  We also spent time on the Continental Drift hand out (cut and paste, and questions on second last page), which is also due on Friday.

We learned about magnetic fields, which point from the North pole of a magnet, to the South pole.  We learned that fridge magnets are permanent magnets and that a coin that attracts to a permanent can become temporarily magnetized.  We did lab 4.3, where we drew magnetic fields around magnets and combinations of magnets.

At the end of class we watched a 10 minute video segment that showed our best guess for the formation of our planet.  This was shown to explain partially why the earth's interior is very hot.

Tuesday, May 30th

Today we did Lab 13E, which is not due Thursday.

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