Thursday, April 19, 2018

Science 10:  We started with an Intro to Nuclear Energy and a review of different types of Light Energy (TV waves, Radio waves, Microwaves, Infra-red, ROYGBIV colors (visible spectrum), UV, X-Rays, Gamma Rays).  After reading 10.1, we did pg 279 # 1-5 and 10-13.  In the second half we went to the Library and completed our last hour of research.

In your research, focus on the local and global impacts caused by the energy transformations that you are learning about.  Be sure to have a clear understanding of the energy transformations going on with your chosen topic.  Ask me if you do not understand the impacts, or do not know what information to research.  At the end of today's class  you were asked to share your notes document with Mr. Gale, like you did last day.  Next class we will figure out how to report the information.

Chemistry 12:  U4 # 1-14 due Monday.  Test on Solubility on Friday, the same day the Practice Test is due.

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