Friday, September 8, 2017

Earth Science:  Finish the Atmosphere Layers assignment for Monday.  Detailed instructions can be found on yesterday's post.  We also started a WS on the Greenhouse Effect, and time will be given for this on Monday.

Science 8:  The WS on Microscope anatomy and the explanation of handling and care on the back (in sentence/paragraph format) are due Monday.  We will have a safety test on Monday, on all the safety rules.

Science 10:  Today I collected the Cell Anatomy WS with the short descriptions (2 or 3 items per organelle) of organelle function.  We read 15.4, and did Problems # 1-5 from a hand-out.  We watched  a video ( about how proteins are made from the instructions found in DNA, and finished with a short True/False style WS on Science Lab safety.  The safety WS is not due Monday, but Problems # 1-5 are due Monday.

Volleyball:  Today we practice(d) at BVE at 3:30.  Monday we have serving practice at 7:30 am.

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