Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Science 10:  Today I collected the Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants mini research assignment.  Have it ready for my Wednesday if you were away last Friday.  We learned about Mendel's experiments with peas, and wrote some notes together. Section 17.2 from the old Science Probe 10 was read individually, and # 2-6 was done.

Earth Science 11:  I looked at and recorded the Dew Point activity from Friday.  We took notes on the Orographic Effect, so we now know why we live in a rain forest.  We did a WS on the Orographic Effect and on Cloud names.  This WS is due on Thursday.   On Thursday, we will spend 30 minutes in the IT Lab, completing the Cloud Powerpoint.  Please share this with me (ggale@sd19.bc.ca) when you are done.

Science 8:  Read pg 70 - 74.  Do # 2-6 on pg 76.  There will be a quiz on the Digestive system parts on Wednesday.

Junior Girls Volleyball:  Armstrong is on!  Saturday only, we leave early in the am (time to be determined).    Girls not travelling are asked to help out with the Grade 8 Last Spike tournament.

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