Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Earth Science 11:  Today we spent more time learning about minerals.  We tested some for effervescence.  We watched a video showing different samples being described ( by a real geology instructor.  After reading pg 40 - 46, we did some form a writing the showed that you have an understanding that minerals are split into two broad categories:  silicates and non-silicates.  We finished with the first 15 min of documentary about earth composition.

Junior Girls Volleyball:  Nice work at serving practice today!  Tomorrow we leave at 1:45 for Seaton Secondary in Vernon.   Click here to see the full League schedule and rules.

On Friday, we will have matches at 12:05 and 2:15 at BVE.  Navigate here to see the full Senior Last Spike schedule.

The Junior Girls Volleyball Blog is found here.

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