Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Science 10:  Today we practiced how to name and write formulas for simple ionic compounds.  We did Lab 8A, which is to show you 3 different categories of Ionic Compounds.   No analysis is needed, we will work on this on Monday.  Please have your interim report signed by your adult, if it not signed yet.

Science 8:  Pg 109 # 1-13 and Pg 117 # 3-5, 10, 17 are due Monday (half in sentences, half in quality point form).  We started optics today by learning about frequency, which is how often a repeating event occurs per second.  We did these problems:

1.   A mosquito's wings beat 525 times in 2.5 seconds.  What is the frequency of the wing beats?
2.  A series of 12 waves in Lake Revelstoke hits the shore in 60 seconds.  Determine the frequency of the waves. 
3. What is the frequency of a table saw blade if the saw is rated at 2600 revolutions per minute?
4.  Determine the frequency of your heart beat. 

Junior Girls Volleyball:  No practice Wednesday.  I am working on a practice for after school Thursday - please check back on this blog.  7:15 departure on Friday morning, bring food as our first two matches occur over lunch at Kelowna Christian.  Octover 29th is the Valley Swim Meet - I need your help with timing in the afternoon from 2:00 until about 4:30.

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