Monday, October 30, 2017

Science 10: Pg 234 # 6 is due Tuesday.  I will give you more time on the balancing worksheet Tuesday.

Science 8:   Tomorrow you will have a quiz on measuring wavelength and amplitude of waves, and calculating frequency.

Earth Science 11:  Today I collected the 15 term matching assignment.  We did a Sedimentary Rock crossword, and started a WS on Metamorphic rocks which we were filling in with assistance from our text, pgs 69-74.

Friday, October 27

Science 10:  pg 209 # 2-11 in sentences where appropriate.  We marked the WS that was attached to Lab 8.1.  I still need Lab 8A from a number of  you - it was due on Wednesday.

Science 8:  Electromagnetic Spectrum Placemat.

Earth Science 8:  Today we learned about Sedimentary Rocks and looked at few samples.  Your 15 Term Matching assignment is due Monday.

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