Monday, February 19, 2018

Chemistry 12:  Today we started with a mini-review of reaction mechanisms.  We did the practice test today, which is due on Tuesday before you write your Rates of Reaction unit test.  I also had available some challenging extra practice, which is optional.

Chemistry 11:  We started with a short review of Names and Formulas of Ionic compounds as well as the Kinetic Molecular Theory.  Due Tuesday is any 20 problems from Unit 4 # 14-163.  Due next day is your prepared Lab 2D, which we will start right away Tuesday morning.  We will have a unit test early next week, perhaps Tuesday.

Science 10.  After a short review, we did Activity 40 (Fossil History of the Elephant).  Please be sure to bring your own elephant or mastodon to class for elephant labs - entering through the lower entrance is best.  Activity 40 is not due Tuesday.  Our first unit test will happen early next week.

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