Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Science 10: Today we read section 17.4 and did review 17.4 in sentences.  Later we will do 17.3.   We also did a quiz on Genetics Problems and on Human Reproductive Anatomy.

Chemistry 11:  I collected unit 3 # 33-44.  After doing a short WS called Atoms and Molecules, we read pg 65-73 and did #  1-7 (at least half the practice problems, but get enough practice to be good at these skills).  We finished with a quiz on Significant Figures.

Chemistry 12:  For review we did a quiz from last year.  We took notes on Mechanisms, then read section 1.9 and did # 46-52, followed by 41-45.  Lab 18C will be due Friday, and can be worked on only in room 313 (come whenever... lunch, other blocks, etc.).  No conclusion yet.

Friday, February 9

Science 10:  Today we marked the Genetics Review WS, and did a practice quiz on anatomy and genetics problems.  We did Lab 36 on Pedigree Charts, which is due Tuesday.

Chemistry 12:  Today we went to the Scholarship presentation.  We spent 30 minutes working on Lab 18C at the end.

Chemistry 11:  We did self marked lab 3A.  We took notes on Atoms, Molecules, and Ions.  After reading section 3.3, did # 33 - 44.

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