Friday, February 16, 2018

Science 10:  Today we used the DNA sequence GGATCCCATAACAATGCA to find the complementary DNA strand, the mRNA strand, and eventually the amino acid sequence for the first few amino acids in insulin, a protein produced in some cells.  Answer keys were used to check the work from last day as well as Tuesday.  We watched about 30 minutes more of "What Darwin Never Knew".  There will be a Biology Unit Test next week, towards the end.

Chemistry 11:  We wrote a conclusion for lab 2E (or 3A, if you missed 2E) today, as well as # 8 and 9 from pg 74 in Hebdon.

Chemistry 12:  We wrote a conclusion for Lab 18C today.  You also received a practice test for our upcoming Rates of Reaction Test.

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