Thursday, March 1, 2018

Chemistry 11:  We started with a lesson on the molar volume of a gas, which is 22.4 L, as long as the temperature is 0C and the pressure is 1 atm.    Due Friday is Unit 5 # 6-9 (odd letters), and 11,12,16, and 17 (all letters).  We will finish Lab 4B on Friday.

Science 10:  Make a poster showing atomic structure, according to the following instructions.

Create a poster showing the structure of an atom.
-show the placement and number of subatomic particles
-show a standard symbol for your isotope
-label the features on your standard symbol
-create a copy of Table 1 pg 156

-have a large title, and put your name and date in the lower left corner

In the second half, we did lab 6A and made Bohr diagrams for the first 20 elements on a ledger sized piece of paper.

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