Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Science 10 (78):  Today I collected pg 238 # 2-5.  We did some balancing practice, followed by lab 8A.  We finished off with a lesson on categories of chemical reactions and pg 248 # 2,3.  None of this is due on Friday.

Chemistry 11:  I collected the Standard Solutions Lab today.  We did U5 # 47-52, 55, which is due Friday.  Not due Friday is Lab 6A and the WS titled "Putting it all together."
Expect a Moles Unit Test near the end of our first week back.

Tuesday March 13

Science 10:   Today I collected pg 234 # 1,2 6-9.  We did a second sheet of balancing, and self checked our answers.  Due next class is pg 238 # 2-5 (if the balancing on #5 is not yet done, this is ok)

Chemistry 11:  Today we made a Standard solution of a specific concentration.  A lab report, with a Title, Purpose, Materials, and Procedure are due on Wednesday.

Chemistry 12:  Today we spent time reviewing, doing the Equilibrium Practice test, and finishing U2 # 52-58, 60-62.  You will have a Unit Test on Equilibrium on Thursday.

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