Friday, March 2, 2018

Science 10:   I collected the remaining Atom posters today.  Due Monday is pg 174 # 1-12 in sentences, where appropriate.  From the P78 group I collected pg 152 # 1,2,4,8-11.  A few of you need to write your Biology Test asap.

Chemistry 11:  Today I collected U5 # 6-9 (odd letters only), 11,12,16,17.  We spent the first part reviewing the mole concept, then we worked on Lab 4B until the end.  All the Questions and Calculations, as well as the Follow-up questions, are due Monday.  I will give you 20 minutes to write a conclusion.

Chemistry 12:  We started off with a mini-review sheet, then we finished the analysis of Lab 20B.  I will give you another 30 minutes for your lab next class.  Make sure that U2 # 17-27 (odds) are done.

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