Monday, November 27, 2017

Science 10:    I collected the Calorimetry Lab today.  Today we spent the 2nd of 2 classes researching a topic of your choice that shows your learning about local and/or global impacts of energy transformations from technologies.

Topic Choices include:   hydro electric dams, wind farms, biofuel production, natural gas production, power grids, fossil fuel pipelines, solar generating stations, coal fired electricity generation, geothermal heating, agriculture, liquid fossil fuels, glaciers, nuclear electrical stations, fuel cells, electric powered vehicles... ask me if you are interested in some other energy-related topic.  

Impacts could be on the land, water or air in the area where the energy is extracted, processed, or used.  The impacts could also be on the people or other organisms that live near these places.  Be specific about the places and countries you are learning about.  

Today is a learning day.  Take notes in a new Word Document to record your learning. Save images that demonstrate key ideas.   Give your notes a descriptive file name (eg.  Solar boiler Notes Smith Science 10) and save them to your OneDrive.  Share the file with Mr. Gale ( by the end of today's class.  

Earth Science  11:  Today we reviewed Plate Tectonic with a short crossword.  We then saw how Wood Metal demonstrates melting point depression, an important notion in the production of magma that eventually forms Volcanos.  After a short discussion about viscosity, we watched a short doc on Mt. St. Helens, then finished by reading pg 250 - 253.

Science 8:  After reviewing the Periodic Table, we did pg 209 # 1,2,4-7 in quality point form from a hand-out.  We then sorted about 550 ribbons from the OK zone high school swimming championships!  Thanks for your help!  pg 209 is not due Tuesday.  

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