Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Science 10:  Today we looked at some slides showing aspects of Nuclear energy.  We read section 10.1 and pg 279 # 1-5, 11,12 in sentences are due Thursday.   I also took in a few more Calorimetry Labs, which were due Monday.

Science 8:  Today we took note on Atomic Structure, and learned about electrons, protons, and neutrons.  We read a hand-out that explained atomic structure, and answered a few questions but these are not due on Thursday.  I also collected pg 192 from Monday if it was completed.  If I did not get pg 192 today please have it ready for Thursday.

Earth Science 11:  We started off with a short review of volcanism which we started yesterday, and a look at the volcano erupting in Bali.  We talked about viscosity increasing with content of silicates, as well as CO2 and water in magma.  We did a short assignment on 3 categories of Volcanos:  cinder cones, shield volcanos, and composite cones.  We then read pg 254 - 257 and made a labelled sketch of a volcano cross section, showing its anatomy.  This sketch and labels (with short descriptions) is due on Wednesday.  I collected last day's crossword on Tectonic Plates.

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