Friday, December 1, 2017

Science 10:   We spent the class in the IT Lab, writing a short article about energy transfromations.  You were asked to share it before you left class, even if it was partially complete, and the intention is not to have this be a homework task.

Science 10:  Impacts of Energy Transformations Article

General  Requirements

-       2 or 3 pages,  Times (font 12), 1.5X spacing
-       Title:  Bold, font 16, underlined
-       Descriptive Header and Footer
-       The article is saved and submitted as a PDF file, with a useful file name


-text is informative and filled with key terms
-energy transformations are discussed
-impacts on people are explained
-impacts on land, water, or air are explained
-specific locations are referenced
-2 or 3 images are used to explain ideas
-images are labelled and captioned

Writing Quality

-concise, scientific writing style is used
-proper grammar and spelling are used
-a natural sequence of information makes the article easy to read.

Science 8:   We started by going over pg 209 # 1-3, 5-7, 10, 12.  We then learned how to draw Bohr Models for the first 20 elements.   Today we did pg 212 # 3,5 as well as 2, 7-10.  This not due, and time will be given to finish this on Monday.  We finished by looking at and recording the line spectra of 5 different samples of elements.

Earth Science 11:  We read pg 260- 263 about Composite cones.  We watched some video footage of lahars and pyroclastic flows.  We finished off by constructing a crossword puzzle with 14-18 volcanism terms (cinder cone, pyroclastic flow, nuee ardent, conical, Ring of Fire, Mt. Shasta, cinder cone, shield cone,  lahar, vent, parasitic cone,  viscosity, magma, lapilli, Andes, Cascade Volcanic Belt,  etc).

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