Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Science 8:  Today we learned about continental drift.  We read a hand-out explaining Wegner's evidence for continental drift, and we started a cut and past model of Pangea.  None of this is due Wednesday.

Science 10:  After going over pg 311 # 2,4,5, 10, we did Lab 10B which modelled radioactive decay with corn kernels.  The procedure is due Wednesday, but not Analysis a-e, h, i.  On Wednesday we will do a practice Energy Unit Practice Test, and on Friday we will have a unit test.

Earth Science 11:    We reviewed relative and absolute ages, then did lab 12E.  We finished the paper models of trilobites too.

Monday, December 11.  

Science 8:  Today we finished lab 13D on finding epicentre locations by using triangulation.  This  is not due on Tuesday.

Earth Science 11:  Today we had a short review of volcanoes, plate tectonics, and fossils.  We constructed a paper model of a trilobite.

Science 10:  We started by marking pg 211 # 1-3, 14,15.  We then took notes on Fission and read 11.2  We did pg 317 # 2,4,5,10, which is due Tuesday.

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