Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Earth Science 11:  Today we started with group review of the Global Mountain Ranges, and spoke about how they were formed (oceanic-continental convergence, continental collisions, or Fault-block formation).  We did the Plate Tectonics practice test, and our unit test will be on Thursday.  You will get to look at your plate boundaries map.

Science 8:  We did lab 4.3, where we used iron filings to view and sketch the magnetic fields around bar magnets.  We finished with short discussion about how the magnetic lines force on the ocean bottom is evidence for sea floor spreading.  Unfortunately, this topic is not our textbook.  Read this article for more information.

Science 10: We finished Lab 10B today, which was the construction of a scale model of the solar system.  You will be given time to do the discussion questions on Wednesday.

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