Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Science 10.  Today we marked the Nuclear Decay Equation WS and pg 283 from a key.  We did pg 289 # 1-13 in quality point form, and this is due on Thursday.  An Energy and Nuclear Science test will happen next week sometime.

Science 8:  Today we marked most of the Chemistry Practice Test - there will be a Chemistry test on Thursday.  We also watched a TED talk given by Brian Cox, about the Large Hadron Collider.  We finished with the introduction of an experiment to answer the question:  are cell phones distracting?

Earth Science 11:  Today we reviewed Volcano material, and began a short section on Mountain Building.  We read Lesson 3 and 4 from hand-outs, and did the attached questions.  Time was given to finish the Cross Word assignment, which is due Wednesday morning.

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