Monday, December 18, 2017

Science 10:  Today we wrote the Energy Test, and grades are posted below.  We will continue on Tuesday with the Astronomy Unit and the Model of the Solar system lab.

Science 8:  After a short review, we read about Ocean Trenches and did Activity 12C in the old Sci Probe 9 book.  Grades will be posted soon.

Earth Science 11:  Current grades are posted below.  There will be a Tectonic Theory and Geological Time test on Thursday.  After we reviewed local mountain ranges, we labelled prominent world mountain ranges:  Himalaya, Alps, Pyrenees, Urals, Western Cordillera, Andes, and the Appalachians.  We read pg 298 to 301, and spent time finishing assignments that we have been working on:
-BLM 29: map of BC with place names and colored/labelled mountain ranges on the back
-Local waterways map and crossword
-Lab 12F (Absolute ages)
-Lab 12E (Relative ages)
-6 key terms and their meanings from reading pg 294 - 298

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