Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Science 8:  We read pg 260  to 265 and wrote one key idea from each of the 14 paragraphs in this segment.  We also did the 3 practice problems on pg 265.  We then finished up our density lab.   After this, we did the Can Implosion lab, and wrote an explanation in paragraph form about why our can imploded.  We used the key terms gas, liquid, condensation, pressure, deform

Science 10:  In the first half, we did a calorimetry lab to determine the amount of chemical energy stored in a walnut.  My room smells quite bad, thanks to that.  All of the discussion questions are due on Friday.  We started a research project in the second half:

Show that you know some local and global impacts of energy transformations from technologies.

What you could learn about:   hydro electric dams, wind farms, biofuel production, natural gas production, power grids, fossil fuel pipelines, solar generating stations, coal fired electricity generation, geothermal heating, world food production, liquid fossil fuels, glaciers, nuclear electrical stations, fuel cells... ask me if you are interested in some other energy-related topic.  

Impacts could be on the land, water or air in the area where the energy is extracted, processed, or used.  The impacts could also be on the people or other organisms that live near these places.  Be specific about the places you are learning about.   

Today is a learning day only.  Take notes in a new Word Document to record your learning. Later we will find a way for you to present your information.

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