Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Science 8:  Today we started with review of Biology (digestion, cell anatomy, viruses) and watched a video on Digestion.   We did a practice test on Biology topics (Ch 2 & 3 mostly), which is due Wednesday.

Earth Science 11:   Activity 14B (Star Map) is due on Wednesday.

Science 10:  Read Section 13.1 from Science Probe 9 and do pg 418 # 1,2,4-8, 10, 13, 16 in sentences (not due Wednesday).

Monday, January 15

Science 10:  Today we spent time on our Force of Gravity Lab, determining the slope of our graph and answering a few questions.  No homework is due - so with your time, do some review to help you prepare for your favourite final.  Your Final Exam is on Wednesday, January 24th

Science 8:  After writing some notes on 3 Places where Volcanoes Form, we went to the Library to finish the Volcano Database.

Earth Science 11:  Read pg 629-635 (about asteroids and comets) and complete the WS titled "Asteroids, Meteoroids, and Comets".

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