Thursday, January 18, 2018

Science 8:  Optics and Waves Key Terms List:  trough, crest, transverse wave, longitudinal wave, wavelength, amplitude, frequency, reflection, refraction, spectrum, ROYGBIV, Radio waves, Microwaves, Infrared, UV, Xray, Gamma ray, incident ray, refracted ray, angle of incidence, angle of refraction, angle of reflection, normal, convergent, divergent, convex mirror, concave mirror, lens, focal length, principle axis, parallel, retina, lens, cornea, sclera, ciliary body, optic nerve, aqueous humour, vitreous humour, iris, pupil.  We wrote down key terms by looking through our binder, and spent time with a partner reviewing their meaning.  Convex lenses were given to everyone, and we measured the focal length.  Finally, we finished with an assignment on wave and optics, which is due on Friday.  Our Final exam is on the morning of Thursday, January 25th.

Earth Science 11: We took notes on Galaxies, and read pg 675-679, sketching the 4 types of galaxies.  We finished off with a crossword on the solar system.  Our Final exam is on the morning of January 23rd.

Science 10:  After reviewing the star life cycle, we read about Galaxies (13.5, from a hand-out) and completed the Galaxies WS.  There was time to mark pg 418 from Tuesday and the Biology Unit Review practice test from keys that were on the side counter.  Our Final exam is on the morning of January 24th.

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