Thursday, January 11, 2018

Science 8:  Volcano Database Assignment: # 1-3 are due Friday.

1.  Open a new Microsoft Excel 
spreadsheet.  Save your spreadsheet to your One Drive on your Office365 Account. If Justin Trudeau was doing this assignment his file name would be "Volcano Database Justin Trudeau January 11 2018".

2.  Create column headings:  Number, Volcano Name, Country, Continent, Height, Nearest City, Nearest Ocean, Years since last eruption, Casualties of last eruption, Activity, 

3.  Research between 10 and 15 famous volcanoes, and fill in as many columns as you can.  Start with your favourites:  Mt. Baker, Kiluea, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Wannahawkalugi, etc.  Gather all your information using the web.   DO NOT print your excel spreadsheet.  Share it with me:  

4.  Find a blank world map on the web and print it to the IT Lab printer.  Show all your volcanoes with the standard map symbol, and write the corresponding number by the symbol.  Hand in your map after your name and the date has been put on it.

Science 10:  pg 394 # 1-17 in sentences from the photocopied hand-out.  Finish the graph (procedure step 3) for the Gravity Lab, but leave the rest for Friday's class.  Create a sheet of condensed notes on the Biology Unit:  any material from the start of the course until October 5th.

Wednesday, January 10

Earth Science 11:  Today we read about the Inner Planets and answered questions in a small work-booklet.  The second half was spent watching "Star", about the sun.

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