Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chemistry 12:  After a short review of Buffers and insect bites, we spent time on Lab 20G and 20H.  We finished the Acid Base Skills Review (4.1 to 4.12) WS, which was handed in.  One more green review was provided for you if you were ready.   In the second half we learned about titration curves, took some notes, read 4.18, and did U4 # 125.  Our Test on Acids and Bases is going to happen next week, so please do some review.

Science 10: Today we read 12.4 and listed 3 important facts about each of the inner 8 planets.  We watched a video about a typical rocket that sends a probe to a distant planet.  We learned how to draw Free Body Diagrams, which are sketches that show the forces acting on an object.  We finished off the day with a Year End Review lab that allowed you to see a few Single Replacement and Double Replacement Reactions.  Only the planet facts and the Chem YER Lab is due on Friday.

Some grades for you, Chem 12 is not ready yet.

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