Thursday, May 3, 2018

Science 10:  Today I collected the WS on Mass-Energy Conversions, which was due at the start of class.   After a mini review, we wrote some notes about Nuclear Fission, read 11.2, and did pg 317 # 2-5, 7,8,10-12.  In the second half we worked on the Lap Tops in the Library and completed the Mini Article on the Energy Topic you chose over 2 weeks ago.  Both pg 317 and the Mini-Article (save as a PDF and share it with  are due on Monday.

Chemistry 11:  Ms. Wallach gave us the low-down on the Numeracy exam that will happen in the last week of June.  We reminisced about Bohr Diagrams and drew them for the first 20 Elements.  After break we did our Reactions Unit Test.  I collected the Reactions Unit Practice test too.  No homework is due Monday, you will be given a little class time to finish U8 # 13-19, 22.

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