Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Chemistry 12:  Today we learned about Hydrolysis.  Do U4 # 69, 71, and 65 to get some practice - this is due on Friday.  I did not check U4 # 58-64 today, but I will on Friday.  In the second half, we finished Part IV of Lab 20G.  The Lab is not due as I have your notebook.  Finish at least one side of the legal sized review of Acid Base Chemistry that I gave you last week.

Science 10:  Today we spent time finishing the Energy Practice Test.  This is due on Friday, the day all Science 10 Students write their Energy Test.  We also did Lab 10B (from a Hand-out)with a partner,  which involves creating a model the Solar System.  Make sure you do Discussion Question s# 1-3 in fine sentences (Due Monday).  No home work for Friday, except to study all that you have learned since the Chemistry Unit Test.

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