Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Scotland Travellers:  Below I have listed the work I estimate you will miss when you are away:) I have hand-out ready for you.  If you please, this can be accomplished before you leave.

Science 10:  

Gravity Lab -do this in room 313 before you travel
Line Spectra Sketches and EMR Review - -do this in room 313 before you travel
Read Section 13.1 from and Hand-out and do Problems # 1-13 in fine sentences
Read Section 13.5 from a hand out and do the Galaxies WS

Chemistry 11

Notes on Solutions and Read 9.1 and 9.2
Read pg 198 - 206 and do # 18-22 (instead of Lab 16A
Complete the Concentration of Ions WS
Complete the Precipitation Reactions WS (this involves a mini lab, -do this in room 313 before you travel)

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