Thursday, April 6, 2017

Science 8:  We started by reviewing Atomic models and practicing sketching 6 different atoms with their internal structure (electrons, protons, and neutrons).  This homemade WS is due Friday.  We then worked on the electrostatics lab, by performing our experiment,  recording data, and writing a conclusion.  This is also due on Friday.

In the second half, we did the Can Implosion Lab, a good excuse to use and learn about bunsen burners.  For a conclusion for this lab, write a how-to manual on bunsen burners.  Include safety precautions, how to start and use it, and mention that it should be cool before returning it to the storage drawer.

Term ends on April 20.  A print out of grades was sent home today and students are asked to show it their adult.  Adults are encourage to email me if they have not seen the print-out andwould like to see it.  (

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