Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thursday, April 13

Science 8:  Today we completed notes on Atomic Structure.  We read a section from the Science 9 Text, and did pg 208 (blue hand-out) # 5-10, 12,13 in sentences, which is due Tuesday.  We also did Lab 10-3 from our text, but this is not due Tuesday.  Expect a Chemistry Test at the end of next week.

Tuesday, April 11

Science 8:  Today I collected the Can Implosion Lab and the Density of Irregular Objects Lab.  We looked at some slides showing the TRUIMF particle accelerator in Vancouver.  Please take a free tour if you have time on your next trip to Vancouver.  We created an experiment to prove that condensation on the outside of a cold glass of water does not form by water leaking out of the container.

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